Hell Razer

The Hell Razer is an astute and tactical foe that will engage enemies from a distance with a powerful beam of unrefined Hell energy

The beam emanates from an arm-like protrusion composed of cartilage and other osseous tissue. Articulation of the cartilage allows the Hell Razer to focus its energy beam into a single charged shot that will obliterate anything that stands in its path.

This demon will stay at a distance from the player so as to be more precise and aim easier. When at a far enough distance, the Hell Razer will charge up and fire a constant red stream of Argent energy

Hell Razer

All of these images were rendered in Autodesk Maya, later I used some Photoshop Actions to apply the fire & dispersion effects (seen below) I used a 3 point lighting system to light the model and later on in the project I used an mia_material x to apply some textures

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