Hell Guards

Hell Guards are powerful denizens of Hell encountered in the Necropolis, whom must be defeated in order to acquire The Crucible.

The borderlands between Titan’s Realm and the Great Steppe is home to one of the most ferocious demons yet found – the (biomech) Hell Guard. While there has been no direct human contact with the beast it was discovered by Scout-Bots during the second Project Lazarus Tethering Operation

They are a sort of biological mech, only given life when controlled by a diminutive parasite.


All of these images were rendered in Autodesk Maya, later I used some Photoshop Actions to apply the fire & dispersion effects (seen below) I used a 3 point lighting system to light the model and later on in the project I used an mia_material x to apply some textures

Parasite / Worm

Hell Guard

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