Cyber Mancubus

The Cyber-Mancubus is a variation of the normal Mancubus that possesses more armour and a substantially more powerful toxic bile weapon.

The Mancubus strain of demon has long been a subject of fascination among Lazarus Project scientists. Eager to understand the biology of these creatures, a team of biogeneticists was formed to research and manipulate the behaviour and effect of the creatures.

The Cyber-Mancubus utilises attacks similar to that of the regular Mancubus. Instead of flame, it launches organic bile from the Mancubus’ body that is highly corrosive.

Cyber Mancubus

All of these images were rendered in Autodesk Maya, I used a 3 point lighting system to light the model for a different kind of lighting & shadows. So far only low res images available and used Maya’s mia_material x materials.

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