Revenants are UAC Military operatives that have been methodically transformed into demonic combatants through cybernetic augmentation and repeated Lazarus Wave exposure.

The Revenant makes a loud pitched demonic-like voice when alerted, similar to Doom II. The Revenant utilises a jetpack to fly for short amounts of time while firing missiles at the player. When on the ground, the Revenant will fire a barrage of missiles at the player while also swatting at the player when close enough.

When killing the player, it will rip both the Doomguy’s arms off and hit him with one of them


All of these images were rendered in Autodesk Maya, later I used some Photoshop Actions to apply the fire & dispersion effects (seen below) I used a 3 point lighting system to light the model and later on in the project I used an mia_material x to apply some textures

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